Insurance Should I or Not- Part 3

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CHARLOTTE – As was required by the laws of the island of whoo hoo, they were to proceed directly back to the suite after additional swabs were taken. Meals would be delivered to the suite, as would choices of beverages, and linens, however, they could not leave the suite at all until they got a negative test. They were informed the second rapid test would take about 8 hours, and the PCR would take up to 3 days. If either test came back positive, they had to remain in the suite, on the island of whoo hoo for 14 days. They were informed that the insurance policy would cover any additional costs associated with the additional days on whoo hoo. Additional costs would occur as they had to rearrange flights. Even though there were no change fees from the airline, they would be responsible for higher flight cost differences.

Eight hours later, they were visited in the suite by management and informed the first rapid test was a false POSITIVE. The second test came back negative, and unless the PCR came back positive, they were free to enjoy the resort and resume the original schedule. I am sure you know they could not enjoy much after that experience, and they are scheduled to return home as planned. An estimate of what that COULD have cost is approximately $10,000, based on the value of that same suite at the same resort, for 14 days, the costs of testing, additional air flight costs, and transfers. All of it probably would have been covered by the insurance. This is a true story about a couple on vacation now.

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