He Asked Part 2

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Certainly very high in today’s trends is the International Destination Wedding. If you would ever listen to one piece of advice from an old pro, NEVER try to do a destination wedding in a foreign country without a Travel Consultant. Why would someone want to have a wedding in another country? Brides have discovered they can do a destination wedding in another country and:

A/ Save money over a local wedding! YES you read that correctly. A recent study by the online group that specializes in providing services for brides, published an average price for a wedding today is $32,000. You can do an International Wedding, with airfare, 3 nights lodging for 3 couples ( ie; Bride and Groom, Bride’s parents, Grooms parents), all food and drinks and entertainment, wedding ceremony, reception, cake, officiant, music, champagne, and an additional 3 nights honeymoon for the Bride and Groom, all for under $10,000.

B/ You can pick your resort style. We only deal with excellent resort brands, so you do not have to worry about quality. Your choice will be deluxe, luxury, or uber Luxury. We represent all the industry leaders like Sandals, Karisma, Oasis, Excellence, AM Resorts and several boutique resorts. Locations like Maroma Beach in Mexico, voted best beach in the Caribbean. Or St Lucia, voted Best Honeymoon Island are just a few of the location choices we have to offer.

C/ You never pay for our services when you book with us. Everything is included such as arranging flights for family members traveling to the resort and staying, transfers, coordinating with the onsite wedding planner for you. At most resorts the services of the onsite wedding coordinator are also free.

D/ Value is the biggest draw. There are very few all inclusive resorts in the USA. The value of all inclusive comes from 3 sources. Labor in most of these locations is a fraction of US Wage standards. Cost of food and drinks is much lower than in the USA. Many of these resorts either grow or source the foods locally. Cost of construction and maintenance is less than 50% of average costs in the USA. This allows for great options at resorts, not available in the USA..

E/ Health and Safety is our priority when recommending a resort, island, or country. We, or our fellow consultants, have been there. We know what is safe and what is not. Safety and health can NEVER be guaranteed, anywhere. We have all read of “Legionnaire” cases here in the USA. On New Years Day, 2019, there were 3 murders in the Charlotte Area alone. We will do our HONEST best to advise you of the awareness issues with any location you pick.

Check back next week for Part 3.

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