Hawaii Part 5

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Last but not least, we visit the Island Of Hawaii, or “the big island” as it is known by. This island is best known for the Hawaii Volcano National Park. One can fly into Kona Airport, and from there explore this brand new island. Legend has it the Goddess Pele gave birth to these islands, and this is her latest creation. The mountain Kilauea is still sending molten lava to the ocean 4,000 feet below. There are verdant tropical forests as well as black lava fields. Here you can interact with Paniolo or Cowboys on ranches that are still working. Kahua Ranch is actually on the slopes of the mountain at an elevation of 3,000 feet. You can visit Maunakea Summit on a dormant volcano and stargaze or visit the information station with powerful telescopes. At an elevation of 13,796 feet, this area may well have the very best stargazing areas on any island. The island is big at over 4,000 square miles. It is the most southerly of the islands. Once in a lifetime opportunities are present here. The Kilauea Volcano is one of the world’s few active volcanoes and is very accessible. There are times whe4n visitors can watch the hot lava flow from the tip towards the ocean There are marked hiking trails for safe hiking in the park. The Thurston Lava tube lets you actually hike into it. The trail leading to the tube goes through a magnificent rainforest, replete with tropical birds and plants.

There are several black sand beaches on the island, but the amazing fact is that with 47 beaches, one may be pristine white sand, while the next may be green and the very next black. Beaches are as diverse as this giant island.

Kona is the city with one airport, while Hilo on the East Coast has the other airport. Daily flights from Oahu are numerous, and transportation on the island is plentiful. The Hilo Farmers Market is the place for fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as handmade souvenirs from across the island. Accommodations. The Kona area has the most accommodations, with hotel chains like Sheraton and Outrigger as well as several others. The Kona Coast and the Kohala Coast have the most beaches and resorts

Our Hawaiian Islands tour ends with a fond Aloha and a warm invitation to return soon.

Check back next week for a brand new series.

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