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CHARLOTTE – In summary, I see a very positive future for travel, with enhanced safety and sanitation procedures in every aspect. For the first few souls to venture out right now, I see great value, extra efforts to improve sanitation, fewer guests, and great opportunity to experience travel that might have been prohibitive before. I am encouraged by a surge in inquiries and very good reports from those who have begun to travel. Just today, the US Government reduced the Travel Advisory to Mexico from level 4 – Do Not Travel, to level 3. Just another sign of how these tourist areas are working to improve safety and sanitation for tourists. More and more countries are opening up every day. In the industry, we see very positive movement toward bookings for 2021 and beyond. The Travel Safety Assurances put in place by almost every vendor, shows most are confident they can keep you as safe as practical when you visit or travel with them.

As you choose the where what, and how of the new travel norm, I encourage you to ask for guidance from a travel consultant. Shop small, spend local and help your community businesses thrive and serve you better. Check the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce site to find just the right business to serve you on a daily basis.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Leisure Travel at 980 4061650 or emailphil.angelo@leisuretravelexpert.com

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Phil Angelo
Having traveled as Travel Consultants since 1992, Phil and Barbara can honestly say "Been There - Done That". We have been on over 85 cruises, visited 43 countries, and over 125 resorts all over the world. We have relationships with over 100 registered travel companies, giving you the very best choice and pricing.