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CHARLOTTE – European Union; At this time US citizens are not permitted to travel to EU Countries. This can and will change, especially with individual countries looking to restart tourism. There are several countries such as Greece and Croatia that are currently accepting US Visitors. Air transportation there may still be a problem.

Caribbean Countries are slowly beginning to accept US Tourists, with caveats. Several such as the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, are not accepting US Tourists. Again this will change daily, so check with your Travel Advisor. There are currently over 500 Caribbean Resorts that are accepting US Tourists today.

As with anything this complicated, there are very positive, and some negative side effects. On the very positive side, these resorts and countries are anxious to restart tourism. As a result, they have some amazing pricing or offerings to entice travelers NOW. My most recent travelers to St Lucia were upgraded to a BEACHFRONT BUTLER SERVICE SUITE at no extra cost. They enjoyed superb service from the staff at a resort that was probably 20% occupied. On the negative side, they had to obtain negative void 19 tests before departure and put up with reduced flight schedules.

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