Destination Wedding-Part 2

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As the phone calls and emails come in to Barbara and Phil, it is obvious many more folks are very interested in using this as a vacation, as well as attend the wedding.

There are adult suites and family suites to choose from in every price range, and prices include everything like airfare, transfers, meals, snacks, all drinks, water sports, and the WEDDING.

The Bride  has her first telephone meeting with her resident wedding planner. She learns the wedding ceremony at the resort is going to be FREE, and includes over 25 items. She is sent an information booklet that spells out what is included, and gives her many choices, both free and extra cost, where she can personalize the wedding. No cookie cutter for the Bride. By the time she has filled in the blanks, she is spending $1000 total on extras, and has a full blown wedding ceremony and reception.

At the same time Phil and Barbara have booked 10 suites for various numbers of nights already. The wedding planner tells the Bride to check with Phil and see if she can get more free. A quick phone call, and the Bride will now get the cost of a room credited to her account. SWEET!

In the first 2 months the Bride has spent a total of 3 hours planning with the local wedding coordinator and Barbara, and she already has most everything planned. By April she has a total of 56 friends and family going, and has gotten additional credits.

After talking with the Groom and her family, the Bride decides on a MAJOR change to the ceremony location. Agreeing to a new rental fee for a gorgeous Chapel, the new location is locked in.

Ordinarily the Bride would have to notify everyone of the change, make all new arrangements, and provide transportation for 56 people to the new venue. Phil took over all the new arrangements for venue change, arranged transportation, worked with the NEW local wedding planner at the new venue, and brought it all together for the Bride.

She had another telephone meeting and several email exchanges with the NEW planner, and the NEW officiant. A complete guide to the prep work and paperwork she needed was provided, and the Bride worked against a June 1st deadline to get all of it in.

As time grew short, Barbara worked with the Bride to get final paperwork in, make detailed arrangements, and adjust timing to coordinate the two resorts. Phil had set up contracts for detailed transportation, special services and purchased a Video Album for everyone to share photos.

Check back next week for the conclusion of Destination Wedding.

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