Barbados 2022- Part 6

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CHARLOTTE – Entertainment was above and beyond what we expected. There was no “in your face” pool nonsense like at many resorts. The main pool had louder music during the day than other pools, but very appealing. The entertainment crew as at the main pool during the day to organize pool games and exercise, but they never walked around asking you why you were not participating. I noticed an equal number of folks who were participating and enjoying the entertainment crew, as people who were not participating, but just enjoying. There were several other pools almost as large as the main pool, where the music was much more subdued, and people were gathering to talk to new friends or members of a group they were traveling with. The bartenders all seemed to enjoy taking time to chat with folks.

Perhaps the nicest thing we found at Sandals Royal Barbados was the Barbados P{eople. Nothing seemed forced. They seemed genuinely interested in helping or chatting with you. With the “NO TI{P{PING” policy at all Sandals, it was refreshing to find folks that were not just “fishing” for the next tip.

Another thing we have all enjoyed is often repeated by my clients> “There was no final bill at check out”. Unless you are buying an excursion, souvenir, or gift, it is “MORE INCLUSIVE” than any other resort we have visited.

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