Accommodations in Mexico – Part 3

Hotel view in Cabo San Lucas.
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Let me start with a PERSONAL SAFETY STATEMENT.  With the abundance of rental offerings on social media, it is very tempting to book services or accommodations through social media.  Some very serious incidents have occurred to visitors booking on line or socialmedia advertised offers.  There is NO system in place to verify that you will get what is advertised.  As a matter of fact, the Mexican Tourism section of the Mexican Government strongly discourages making social media arrangements for independent accommodations ortransportation.  KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.

You can find EVERY type of accommodation.  Stand Alone Hotels range from International Brands to independent units.  Resorts range from European Accommodations to All Inclusive.  Some resorts include unlimited access to sister resorts, giving clients access to over 30 restaurants to choose from, as well as varied entertainment.  A seasoned Travel Consultant can advise you on specialization of each resort.  How embarrassing it must have been for the newlyweds last year when they chose, on line, a clothing optional resort for a honeymoon, with absolutely no intention of doing so.  One phone call and we were able to have them relocated to an adjacent, adults resort, for the remainder of the Honeymoon.  Top of the Line Luxury Resorts are found along the East Coast, from just south of Cancun, to the most southern region of the coastline.  Adults only resorts of every classification are often located near Family resorts, allowing extended families many options.  Some resorts have adult sections adjoining family sections.  One such Resort Complex operated by Karisma has 5 star adults only, Luxury bungalows, flanked on the South by adults only 4 star, 3 story accommodations, and on the North by 4 story family accommodations, with “Swim Out Balconies” on levels 2 through 4.  A new resort choice is located adjacent to the Xcaret Experience tourist attraction.  The booking price includes admission to up to 8 different parks or attractions.

Before moving on, one last bit of information.  There is “all inclusive” and there is “all inclusive”.  I have read countless accounts of folks visiting an “all inclusive” resort, only to find out not really included.  There were many, many more accounts of people who found everything they expected was included.  The difference , again, KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. ASK!

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