Keeping an Eye Out for Black Ice

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As we enter yet another rainy December, you may be thinking about safety on the roads. Black ice should likely be on the top of your list, as it is very common and very dangerous in North Carolina.

Black ice is named as such because, as you guessed, it has no air bubbles in it, and turns black like the pavement it sits on.

You can’t always see black ice, but you can know where to expect it. Black ice commonly forms in areas where water puddles, on curbs, and other areas where water can stand. When in doubt, assume ice is there.

If you unfortunately hit said ice, don’t panic. Overcorrecting both the steering wheel and your speed can and will cause a crash. Hold your wheel steady, and keep speed constant. Do NOT slam on your breaks. This is an almost guaranteed way to lock up your wheels and skid.

Lastly, make sure your tires are in good shape. No tire is truly ice-proof, but a tire that has good tread, no dry rot, and is properly inflated has less of a chance to skid than one that isn’t road-ready. A good all-season tire is fine for our conditions, by the way, you’re wasting money if you’re buying winter tires in this part of the state.

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