Wrapping it Up

Wrapped Presents
Wrapped Presents

One of the things that makes the holidays so special is the way the presents look under the tree. For some wrapping gifts is easy, for others it’s the bane of their existence. Whatever category you’re in, these tips make your gifts even more special than they already are.

1) Make your own paper This is great to do with the kids. Get a lunch bag or a white bag and decorate with holiday cookie cutters dipped in paint or use stamp pads. You can write messages in between the shapes to personalize it even more.

2) Add some glam – Colored cellophane with a big beautiful bow can make an inexpensive gift look lux. When the lights from the tree hit the cellophane it adds some extra sparkle to the room

3) Get big bags – For those hard-to-wrap big gifts, stock up on big bags at the dollar store. To really make the gift beautiful buy tissue paper that picks up an accent color on the bag.

4) Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon – everything looks a little more special with extra ribbon. Go for it.

Voila! Three easy ways to make your wrapping easier or extra special. You’ve got it all wrapped up.