Organizing Your Way to a New Year. New You.

New Year New You
New Year New You
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If you’re like many people, you start the year with a resolution to lose weight, eat better and to try and try to be more positive. One way to keep your resolutions is to stay more organized and when you are more organized some of those resolutions are easier to keep. Here are some tips that can help –

A Better You in the Fridge

  • SWAP – Put all your healthy food at eye-level. Get a nice basket or tray to hold your fruit so it’s the first thing you see when you open the fridge. You can put the salad dressings in the fruit drawer.
  • Cut up vegetables once a week and place in plastic containers or Ziplock bags with a paper towel to hold the moisture. If you don’t like to prepare vegetables, you can find almost every vegetable pre-cut at the grocery store from celery sticks to carrot coins or sticks. Even cherry tomatoes come in snack-sized packaging.
  • Put Hummus on a shelf where you can see it.
  • Place water where you normally place the soda

A Better You in the Pantry

Do the same thing as the fridge.  Put your healthy snacks at eye-level.  The first things you see should be easiest things to grab.

  • Move potato chips and Doritos down and rice crackers or gluten-free pretzels up.
  • Instead of sugar cereals get plain oatmeal and sweeten with fresh berries, Splenda and nuts
  • Keep peanut butter (or by grab and go peanut butter) within arm’s reach and use as a dip – have an apple corer or cutter handy. An apple and peanut butter makes a great snack or breakfast.

A Better You in Your Bathroom & Bedroom

  • Look through your drawer and keep those items that make you feel good and toss the rest.
  • Revisit your morning and night face-cleansing routine and organize to make it easy. Keep your cotton pads handy so you’re not too tired to cleanse.
  • When you get in bed, put a nice scented relaxing lotion on feet hands and body – it’s a dry time of year.
  • Keep a bottle of water near your bed.  Take a few sips before the lights go out.

A Better You in Your Dresser & Closet

You need to feel good inside and out. Make sure everything fits for the new year. Only keep the things you feel 110% in.

  • Go through your drawers, if you have ripped underwear, get rid of it.
  • If you’re a woman, buy a few new bras that fit.
  • If you have clothes that make you feel dumpy, get them out of your visual space.
  • Make a comfy clothes pile/basket that you can slip on when you get home.


When you keep your resolutions you’ll feel better about yourself. And when you feel better about yourself, things start to get better.  Voila. You’re on your way to a better you.

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