Making a Home for Houseguests

Home ready for guests
Home ready for guests
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With the holidays approaching, chances are you may have houseguests coming. Now is a perfect time to start getting your house ready so you’re not scurrying a day before they come. Even more so, adding special little touches is a wonderful way to make this year the most memorable year yet.

The Basics – If you have guest rooms, now is the time to start getting them ready. Dust, vacuum, fluff the pillows, set aside clean sheets or make the bed if you don’t need it, and make sure you have decent guest towels.

The Pre-Shop – Call your houseguests now and ask them if there are any allergies, what kind of coffee and creamer they prefer, or tea, find out if they drink wine or beer and which kind. The fact that you are thinking of their likes is already creating a welcoming environment.

The Room Set/Special touches – Staying at someone else’s house and living out of a suitcase is never easy. These special touches make all the difference in the world.

Bathroom: I like to make a basket of new toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, lotions and disposable razors so my guests don’t have to pack heavy. And make sure you add extra rolls of toilet paper so they don’t have to ask, or get caught without. You can even put in a hair dryer if you have one.

Bedroom: A wonderful way to make the room special is to put scented candles on the dresser along with matches. Make a basket with a current magazine, newspapers, the latest best seller. I there’s a TV in the room, print out a guide to the channels.

Find out what your guest’s favorite candy is and have a bowl waiting for them in the room. Place a crossword, Sudoku or Wordsearch book on the nightstand with pens.

Have a bottles of water and glasses in the room and put extra blankets at the end of the bed.

Voila! Your house is ready and your guest feel welcome. You’re in for a great, no-stress visit.

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