In Purse-uit of Happiness

Purse organization
Purse organization

Not every organizing tip needs to involve a major overhaul. Sometimes, doing something little can simply make your day go a little smoother. For women, this simple tip helps you make a smooth transition from one purse to the next so you can accessories your outfits without hassle.

Bag in a bag – Simply buy a zippered make up bag that fits into most of your purses. Fill it with everything you would need to take from one purse to the next including

• Wallet
• Gift cards
• Driver’s License
• Grocery loyalty cards
• Keys
• Lipstick or Gloss
• Keys
• Pain reliever
• Hand cream

Then all you have to do is take the bag out of one purse and put it in the other. If you’d rather buy a purse with organizers Pouchee® makes a purse with the organization built right in.

Voila! Changing purses with no-fuss. Done.