Holiday Decorating Made Easy

Holiday Decorating
Holiday Decorating
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We all a beautifully decorated home during the holidays but decorations can get pricy. Here are a few easy ideas that can make your home beautiful without breaking the budget.

Glass vases & Candles – Stock up! You might even find these at the Dollar Store and there are a million and one ways to make these into beautiful decorations that can be placed in any room, even the bathroom. For instance –

– fill the bottom with red cranberries and put a white candle in the middle.
– fill the bottom with red and white peppermints and put a red candle in the middle.
– fill the bottom with salt and put a red or green candle in the middle. This one is my favorite because when the wax melts on the salt it makes a cool design.

Make things Functional & Festive – Buy cheap holiday items such as mugs or containers that you can use for other things. For instance –

– use a Christmas mug for a sugar bowl.
– if you have a utensil holder on your counter and don’t have a Christmas one, wrap the one you have with burlap or a cloth Christmas napkin and a ribbon.
– wrap a green or red ribbon around your everyday salt and pepper shakers
– buy cheap small wreaths and attach them to the backs of your chairs
– make a coffee station with mason jars. Put marshmallows in one, cocoa in a second and small candy canes in the third.

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Just use your imagination. A little ribbon goes a long way.

Voila – decorating on a budget.

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