Get Ready for Some Football

Superbowl Prep
Superbowl Prep
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With the big game right around the corner, you might be thinking of throwing a party. I thought I’d give you some fun and easy ideas to make your party stress-free so you can enjoy watching the game as much as your guests.

Go paper and plastic
Football isn’t fancy. If there’s one party where you can feel fine about keeping it casual, it’s a Super Bowl party. Then all you have to do, is throw stuff out. But spring for the heavier plates since people will more than likely be eating on your couch.

If you don’t spend extra money on logo cups, you can simply buy plates and cups in the colors of the teams. It’s a lot less and the unused plates and cups can be used for other parties in the future.

Pizza and wings are a staple for the big game, but pizza parlors are busy. Call a day ahead and let them know what time you are going to pick your food up or that you want it delivered. There’s a good chance they’ll get behind, so give yourself a cushion. Also, make sure you look for coupons. Everyone will want your business, there’s a lot of good deals out there.

If you are having guests bring a dish, have them bring a dish that represents one of the teams playing or where the team is from. For instance, when the Giants played the Patriots, I made New England and Manhattan Clam Chowder. One friend brought Sam Adams beer another brought Brooklyn Beer. With Atlanta playing New England you have Southern and Northern competing, making for a nice, eclectic table.

Super Bowl Bingo – Make your own Bingo Boards using words the announcers might say, names of companies in the commercials, and something a ref might say like, Ford, Coke, roughing, huddle, etc. Guests watching the game simply cross off the box on their sheet when they hear the word. (You can find many of these online and simply download.) When all the squares are covered, you have a Bingo. You can hand out fun prizes like Lottery Scratch offs, litte footballs, even a six pack of beer.

Judge the Spot – Give every guest print outs of number 1 – 5. When a commercial ends, they can hold up the number they think the spot was worth. It’s just a fun way to add some excitement to the party.

There are many more games and fun things you can do to throw and easy party. Simply go online for ideas. Voila! You’re ready for some football.

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