It’s Warm Out. Lets Flush that Coolant!

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Now that the warmer months are rolling around again, it’s time to check and flush your coolant if needed!

Coolant has a slightly higher boiling point than water. Coolant, depending on the mixture, boils around 220-230 degrees. If you are not running coolant now but you are running water, switching is recommended. While your engine does not normally run much over 200 degrees, an engine with cooling issues is much more likely to damage itself with the lower-boiling water than with proper coolant, especially during our summer months where the outside temperature can easily hit 90 degrees plus.

To add to the benefits of coolant, here’s a paragraph from an older article I wrote about coolant a few months back: “Coolant helps prevent corrosion. Coolant is made from a mixture of chemicals and over time, they wear out. Old coolant can corrode things, and those repairs, like radiator and hose replacements, can be pricey, to say the least.”

While we’re all staying at home to try and stay healthy, remember that most shops are staying open as an essential business and are going above and beyond to disinfect your car before and after servicing it. If you need it, now’s a great time!

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