Is your HVAC system protected?

Do you know if your Heating and Cooling system is protected against disaster?
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This article is not designed to scare the life out of you, it is just to make you aware.

Many of us have surge protection on our television sets, on our computers and on some other appliances. We know that we need to protect our investment in these electronic devices from lightning strikes, power spikes and who knows what else can happen. We are protecting our devices that cost $ 1,000 or even $ 2,000. It would be devastating if one of these devices were to blow up because it was not protected.

Have you however, considered that the most expensive appliance in your house is possibly not protected? Many insurance companies have a clause in their policy stating that if your system is not protected by a surge protector you are not covered. Do you know if your system has a surge protector installed? It is fairly easy to check this. If you cannot check it yourself you may ask a professional to just check for you. It is a relatively cheap device to have installed, yet it could save you thousands of Dollars if it is in place. I have to stress that a surge protector like this would most probably not protect your system against lightning strikes. It will however protect your system against power surges. If nothing more you will be able to show your insurance company that you did have some sort of protection in place. This is something that you won’t even know if it saved you thousands of dollars. You will however know about it if you did not have it in place.

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