Is timing really important?

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Does it really matter when a post goes out on social media?


However it does matter less than it used to, with the algorithm deciding what users see.

If your audience is online in the morning and you’re posting in the middle of the night though, no one will get a chance to see it.

You have to at least be posting around the same time of day as when your audience will be online to see it.

If your audience will be online in the evening, it’s a good idea to post in the late afternoon or early evening so the post can get picked up by the algorithm and by the evening, your audience is more likely to see your post.

If you’re not sure what times are best for your audience, experiment for a set period of time, like over a week or a month by posting at different times on different days and check back to see which posts did better.

The most important thing to remember though is that quality content is more important than timing. Never put out a post simply because it’s time to put a post out.

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