How to Bring Good Luck When Selling Your Home

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When it’s time to sell your home, having a bit of luck on your side can’t hurt. Throughout the years, there have been several different superstitions helping people sell homes. Let’s look at a few of the most popular ways to bring good luck when selling your home.

The St. Joseph Statue

Maybe the most well-known way to bring good luck when selling a home is the St. Joseph statue. For Catholics, St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of Real Estate and many believe a buried statue of this saint will bring good luck when selling your home. There are specific instructions on how and where to bury the statue if you plan to use this method of bringing good luck during the home selling process.

The Merchant’s Stone

Another superstition some use, which involved crystals, is known as the Merchants Stone. This golden-hued crystal is rumored to attract good fortune to those around it. Some home sellers believe placing a few of these stones, also known as citrine stones, in a decorative bowl will bring good luck when selling your home.


Another way people try to attract good luck when selling their home is by smudging their home with sage. This is an older method and some even use an old Indian prayer when performing the ritual. It’s said that you should leave one window open to let the bad vibes and negative energy out when saging your home.

Feng Shui

While you may think Feng Shui is something you do with your furniture when you move in, many believe it brings good luck when selling your home. It’s known for bringing balance to a home and opening it up to the energy.

Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies

A non-religious superstition with no ties to anything other than just being a lucky charm, baking a tray of chocolate chip cookies is known for bringing good luck when selling your home.

There are many ways to bring good luck when selling your home. From the statue of St. Joseph to simply baking cookies, you can use these methods to attract good luck when you list your home for sale in Mint Hill, NC. Of course, your Realtor plays the most vital part in your transaction – the harder she/he works, the luckier you get! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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