How Nationwide Warranties Work at Independent Shops, Pt. II

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Last week, we talked about the basics of warranties from independent shops. Today, we’ll show how that works in practice.

For example, let’s say you have an alternator replaced in Mint Hill and it goes bad in Chicago. All you have to do is visit a shop in “the network” that your shop in Mint Hill is in. To find out which shops are part of that network, you can call your shop back home and ask, or call the 1-800 number usually attached to the bill of your original work.

Once you find a shop in Chicago in that network, They verify that you had that job done by calling your Mint Hill shop, and then call their parts store to initiate the claim. The shop then gets a replacement part and his technician reimbursed for the warranty repair. The owner gets a nice payday from the parts company, and you get a free warranty repair, even away from home. Win-win!

These warranties are generally low-cost or free for independent shops, and should always be free for you, the consumer. There are no excuses for us, the shops, to not provide you with this peace of mind. If your current shop does not offer this kind of warranty, it is probably in your best interest to find one that does.

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