Honoring My Hero… My dad

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As we approach the month of November, my heart grows a bit heavy for a few reasons. Don’t get me wrong… I love the beginnings of the many holidays we will celebrate in the near future. However, four years ago this November, I lost the hero in my life; my dad.  He was a veteran, enlisted in the United States Navy and served during WWII.

So as we approach Veteran’s Day, my thoughts always tend to draw me closer to thinking of him.  I always loved to listen to the many stories he would tell about his days enlisted. I now know he kept some experiences to himself, not wanting to share all that weighed on his mind and in his heart.  However, I was always inthralled in the imagery while flipping through the many photographic prints he stashed in a separate folder.

As an avid photographer, my father left behind a beautiful black and white portfolio. A collection of images, all capturing little moments in his life as he traveled the world while in the Navy.  He not only captured these timeless photos, but he mastered the black and white printing processes of the 1940’s era while abroad the Navy vessels.  The high-quality prints he left behind are breathtaking and transports you into the moment he was experiencing when he clicked the shutter.

A photograph truly brings history to life.  I am thankful for my dad and his wisdom of one’s most precious tool, a camera.  I am most thankful for him to have shared his experiences with me through photography.  His influence and knowledge have made me who I am today.

My business motto stands so true;   One Moment, One Click of a Shutter, and Time Stands Still Forever…

The photo of my dad holding his small digital camera was taken of him at age 90. He was excited to continue his love of photography by heading full force in the digital median in early 2001.   My dad was amazed by the live photo option that immediately showed the image on the back of the camera.  He was also delighted to get to see all of his images as a slideshow on his computer screen!

As we celebrate and give thanks to the many military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces, I also want to extend gratitude to all the men and women who currently serve our Nation.  I respect you and your family most honorably. Thank you!

You can gaze through the World War II photo collection by visiting their website at www.go.fold3.com.  It is free. There is also a place on their website to share a WWII photograph or to create a tribute and honor your hero.

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