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So many memories to capture this time of year.  Whether you are using a SLR camera or your camera phone, these  tidbits may help the outcome of your Holiday pictures this year!

As you gather with family and excitement or bring in the holidays in a more relaxed atmosphere, look for the moments that express the feeling of the day and then make pictures that convey them.

If it’s Thanksgiving, you can photograph a few people at the dinner table eyeing the food, or record the hectic preparations before guests arrive.

When photographing indoors, use ambient light whenever possible. However, there will be times when it is important to use flash to capture a well exposed picture.

You will want to be ready when the children first find their Christmas treasures or when guest raise a toast for the New Year.  Bounced or fill-in flash will let you move around and capture the action and expressions

Flash might distract people and upset the holiday mood you want to record.  Adjust your ISO and shutter speeds to allow you to use whatever light is available. (Ambient)

You almost always need a higher ISO for indoor photography- especially if you are not using flash

Choose a wide-angle lens and use a large aperture for best results indoors.

For a tree with lights; try to combine flash, ambient, and indoor lighting.  The flash lights up the tree and the slow shutter captures the lights on the trees.

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