Novant Health Enhances Pediatric Clinic Experience Kicking Off Autism Awareness Month

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Charlotte, N.C., April 8, 2021 – To kick-off Autism Awareness month, Novant Health today announced its Center for Pediatric Development, in partnership with the Discovery Place family of museums, aims to set a new standard for pediatric clinic and care design by offering a holistic experience for visiting patients and families. Patients visiting the new pediatric center will find two Discovery Place exhibits designed to activate sensory processes in the waiting area alongside a host of clinics inside of the center including the ABA Therapy Center.

The Center for Pediatric Development, which opened earlier last year at 2711 Randolph Road, Suite 100, Charlotte, 28207, provides a centralized location for multiple pediatric subspecialty clinics, allowing families to schedule several appointments for children at one familiar, consistent setting, as opposed to multiple locations. Some of the appointments have transitioned to virtual appointments during COVID-19. Anticipated outcomes of the center’s unique structure include:

  • Increased number of children screened for early toxic stress
  • Increased number of children receiving care for adverse childhood experiences
  • Efficient processes to connect patients to therapies and community services in a timely manner

“Our partnership with Discovery Place is a perfect complement to the tailored, comprehensive care we’re bringing together all under one roof,” said Dr. James DuRant, developmental and behavioral pediatrics, Novant Health. “From the moment patients walk into the door, they will find a space that has truly been built with their needs in mind. Discovery Place is an outstanding organization that is leading the way to provide our children with a solid foundation. We’re grateful to have their signature hands-on experiences as part of our holistic care model.”

The Human Mirror and 20-foot Sensory Wall exhibits in the center’s waiting room provide captivating fun and learning for everyone, from infants to adults, and were designed to support sensory sensitivities that some patients may have. Sensory integration therapy has been shown to improve the daily function of children with autism. According to the CDC, one in 54 children is identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) nationally. In North Carolina, one in 58 children has autism in the state. The center’s detailed assessment evaluates a child’s symptoms that can lead to a possible diagnosis with strategies to treat and manage their condition.

“We were thrilled to work with Novant Health on this worthy project that recognizes the importance of taking care of both the mind and body to ensure a person’s well-being,” said Tifferney White, chief learning officer, Discovery Place. “Both of these exhibits are extremely popular with our museum guests, and it is wonderful to be able to bring similar versions of these experiences out into the community.”

The pediatric center includes four disciplinary clinics that address adverse childhood experiences, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning concerns, complex autism evaluations, and developmental follow-up from the neonatal intensive care unit.

The center is also the full-time home of Novant Health Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics and Novant Health Pediatric Rehabilitation, which include audiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Additionally, community partners, including Alternative Behavior Strategies, will co-locate in the building. Pediatric subspecialties such as pediatric neurosurgery will provide rotating support, as will audiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

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