Green News Now: What is an Apothecary?

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According to Wikipedia an Apothecary, a·poth·e·car·y /əˈpäTHəˌkerē/, is one term for a medical professional who formulates and dispenses material medicines to physicians, surgeons, and patients. The modern pharmacist has taken over this role. In some languages and regions, the word “apothecary” is still used to refer to a retail pharmacy or a pharmacist who owns one. 

So what is Get Me Some Green Apothecary? We are hempaceuticalists who focus on hemp derived medicines for the medical community as well walk in clients. But we don’t stop there. The Green in our name can mean lots of things but one thing it means is natural health. Our apothecary focuses on several natural modalities that start with CBD but continue to clean air and pH balanced living water, supplements and skin care to protect further cellular damage, Migun Massage and Light Therapy to assist healing from the cellular level, weighted blankets and ear coning not to mention health scans that give you guidance on where you can make positive changes.

So the word Apothecary and its meaning hasn’t changed, it has just evolved or some would say it has come full circle.

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Heather Wiskes
Heather Wiskes is the CEO of Get Me Some Green Apothecary, HQ in Matthews, NC. It's a local hempapheutical CBD company servicing the entire east coast with hemp-derived products and education. She works with healthcare providers to educate them and work together to offer their patients alternative methods for treating disease and discomfort. When requested we provide direct client coaching to help navigate a personas individual needs. We offer education in the form of Continuing Education for the healthcare community as well as seminars for both HP's and the community on CBD (Cannabidiol) what it is and what it is being used for. Get Me Some Green Apothecary Medi+CBD is on a mission to demystify the most powerful plant in the world paving the way for how CBD is being used with healthcare and within the community through a knowledge-based approach.