Green News Now Special Edition: Keeping the holidays SIMPLE

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It seems like in today’s world we always want to ‘Get the most BANG for our buck’ but that doesn’t always mean the best price or the newest item or even the biggest gift. It doesn’t even always mean getting the new gift at all.

Have you ever considered shopping the clearance aisle or perhaps a resale store? This doesn’t mean buy more, it’s not about the cost, it’s about the thought behind the gift. I know in my house it’s all about the “list”. What happened to the just because I think you’d love this type of gift? The holidays are about giving, but no one said anything about brand new or how much is spent. Giving is giving and a heartfelt gift goes a long way regardless of where it came from. Not only have I gotten the most compliments on some of my Salvation Army finds, but I have also gotten the most thank you’s for resale finds as well.

This holiday season embrace the gift of giving by giving unique combination gifts. Think of it like a wedding and the bride with ‘something old and something new’.  Or take something old and make it something new by giving an old item a makeover.

This holiday season I challenge you to keep it simple. Stop thinking about the best sale or the most expensive, biggest gift, but ask when you think of that special person you’re shopping for. What do they love? What brings a smile to their face and what item reminds you of them. One of my favorite gifts is homemade goodies in a beautiful dish I usually get from a resale shop.

But keeping it simple doesn’t just stop with what you give it’s the presentation as well. Recycle old holiday cards by tearing the front from the back and using it as a gift tag. Try wrapping your gifts in recycled paper bags and just add a beautiful ribbon or bow. I have even used old t-shirts as wrapping paper with a nice bow. We all lose socks – use an old holiday sock as a wine bottle wrapping. Creativity and thoughtfulness go a long way to a simple and green holiday season and actually adds an element of fun to combat the shopping stress.

Happy Holidays from the Green Team

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Heather Wiskes
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