What is Kombucha?

CBD Kombucha
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What is Kombucha exactly? Well… in short Kombucha is fermented tea. It’s made by adding healthy bacteria (Scoby), yeast and sugars (many times in the form of fruit or spices), to green or black tea then allowing the mixture to ferment. The fermentation process does produce trace alcohol levels of .05% or less but make no mistake this is not an alcoholic drink.

But why drink Kombucha? For one, it tastes great. Flavors range from quite bitter to sweet and refreshing. Evidence suggests that kombucha tea offers benefits similar to probiotics promoting a healthy immune system and assisting with preventing constipation and IBS. There have also been studies linking kombucha use to decreased cancer growth. And since kombucha contains vinegar, it has acetic acid which aids in infection prevention and anti-inflammatory benefits.

But can kombucha make you happy? Studies have shown that mental health can be connected to gut health so kombucha not only keeps your mouth happy with its amazing taste but it also keeps your gut healthy with its probiotic qualities. It can even help reduce cholesterol linked to heart disease and that makes me happy. Not to mention it contains antioxidants that reduce toxins that can damage your liver so kombucha also makes a great alternative to beer.

However, kombuchas is so easy to make and many have tried. Since kombucha uses bacteria in its brewing process we advise to obtain kombucha from a source you know to avoid contamination.

Kombucha is becoming readily available at farmers markets and health food stores. We at Get Me Some Green have taken it a step further and worked with a UpDog Kombucha to formulate a CBD infused kombucha. Imagine all the benefits kombucha has to offer as well as all the benefits CBD has to offer in one amazing drink.

Come visit our Matthews-Mint Hill location today for taste or a refill. Get your kombucha on!

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