Green News Now : Did you Eat Drink and be Merry a little too much?

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Enjoying Holiday Traditional Rich Decadent Foods?

So if you are like many people the holidays are quite decadent when it comes to food and drinks. It starts with Halloween and ends hopefully after the New Year with the infamous healthy resolutions. For some the decadence even spans through Valentine’s Day.

So did you fall into the category of too many holiday sweets or rich holiday dining? Whatever your “cheat meal” was, if you are left feeling bloated and think you could be rolled from one room the next, then this article is for you.

CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS is a series of receptors throughout the body which help mitigate the negative effects of our decadent holiday eats. While we enjoy the glutinous family traditions and rich foods our bodies won’t digest any faster. CBD can help to bring our body back into balance and can at least help with the symptoms of too many goodies.

If you really want to be prepared, start off your day with a high-quality CBD tincture to activate your ECS system and help get your body in optimum balance.

How about the Holiday Hangover?

Are you feeling a bit sluggish and hungover in the office after a holiday party or holiday break? You’re not alone. After the stress of the holidays many enjoy New Years as the last year hurrah and celebrate the holidays being over and a New Year beginning. But are you beginning it with a headache? CBD the morning after can help guide your body back into balance. In fact, it has been shown that CBD protects against alcohol-induced cell damage and reduces blood alcohol concentration, addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Time to Detox

Give yourself the New Year gift of detoxification to help kick start your resolutions and relieve some of that holiday gluttony from Eating and Drinking and being Merry. One of the best ways to start is with a massage. Whether you do a manned massage with a therapist or a Migun Massage at a wellness center, the benefits of massage are measurable. Massage helps move toxins through your system so your body can naturally expel what your body does not need. The result is alleviating pain, stress and cleaning your lymphatic system to allow your body to reboot and balance.

From all of us at Get Me Some Green to all of you – Have a Happy Healthy New Year!

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