CBD for pets

Pets and CBD

By now you have heard about CBD and some benefits for humans but have you heard of CBD for pets? Pets have issues just like humans and though our DNA is different our pain receptors are similar. The biggest difference is that a dog cannot take more than we give them so they cannot overdose on opioids however we don’t know if what we are giving them is too much. Pets can’t tell us what hurts or how much it hurts or if they don’t feel well.  As owners we know our pets as well as any human can know what a pet is thinking.

Opioids are just as unsafe if not more unsafe for our pets then they are us. That’s why so many pet owners are looking into CBD as an option for pain, seizers, arthritis, separation anxiety, stress, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, and cancer just to name a few. Just like with human’s cannabis and hemp extracts like those found in CBD are non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and do not control the breath or heart of the taker rendering them much safer that currently prescribed pain medication. CBD also does not have known negative side effect on major organs such as kidney and liver, this also making safer than some drug alternatives.

In the wild, dogs and cats would find natural plant-based medicines and eat them innately knowing their benefits. Have you ever seen your dog or cat eat grass or weeds? Animals eat grass to improve digestion, treat intestinal worms, or fulfill and unmet nutritional need like the need for fiber.

Today there are many pet options in the realm of cannabis and hemp health for pets. Everything from CBD doggie water, chewy treats, biscuits, peanut butter and even tinctures. There is even a mint tincture with mint to help oral health and breathe. We have clients who purchase pet CBD products for pain to anxiety from travel or holiday happenings and fireworks to post surgery and hip and joint relief.

I wonder what our furry family members would say if they could share how they feel, but until we can talk to our pets perhaps, we should take a page from their notebooks and trust their innate nature to use natural medicine to treat their aliments. Our personal story is that our senior Labrador Shepard mix uses CBD treats daily for hip and joint stiffness. We have a rescue dog that has a ton of nervous energy and firework fear. We give her treats when we have company or it’s a holiday, she benefits as well as our guests.  CBD has become a supplement for our whole family furry members and human alike.


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Heather Wiskes
Heather Wiskes is the CEO of Get Me Some Green Apothecary, HQ in Matthews, NC. It’s a local hempapheutical CBD company servicing the entire east coast with hemp-derived products and education. She works with healthcare providers to educate them and work together to offer their patients alternative methods for treating disease and discomfort. When requested we provide direct client coaching to help navigate a personas individual needs. We offer education in the form of Continuing Education for the healthcare community as well as seminars for both HP's and the community on CBD (Cannabidiol) what it is and what it is being used for. Get Me Some Green Apothecary Medi+CBD is on a mission to demystify the most powerful plant in the world paving the way for how CBD is being used with healthcare and within the community through a knowledge-based approach.