Get Some Coolant Now While it’s Nice Out!

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Since we’ve been having an abnormally warm February, I’d like to make a casual reminder to run coolant, not straight water in your cars. On average, cars run about 15 degrees below water’s boiling point. 15! All it takes is one warm day, one old radiator or one perfect storm of conditions to make a car overheat.

This is easily prevented by running coolant. Not only is coolant good for keeping your cool on those warmer days, but it also helps keep your vehicle from freezing over too. Coolant also has a lower freezing point than water.

All of these benefits of coolant also come with the added benefit of letting your cabin have cool A/C and warm heat – so the nice temps aren’t just for your engine and radiator.

The cost of a coolant flush or fill is relatively affordable, considering the added benefits and avoided overheating risks.

Consider getting a flush before it gets too hot out. You won’t regret it!

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