Get More Out of Your Next Hair Appointment

Hair Consultation
Hair Consultation

In cosmetology school, your stylist likely spent a lot of time learning about how to conduct a great consultation with her guests. And rightly so, as it’s the all-important first step to giving your clients exactly what they want!

You’ve probably sat down in your stylist’s chair and felt a little bombarded by questions about product usage and daily styling routines and what type of layers you prefer—but while you might feel like all of this is unnecessary for a simple trim, this is how your stylist will determine what look to give you that will best suit you, your hair type, and your lifestyle.

A good consultation is the key to getting what you want out of your salon experience. So how can you prepare for your next appointment?

Bring pictures. With so many social media platforms that offer pictures of almost every style and color imaginable, it can be an overwhelming task to find just one shot that speaks to you. I suggest finding a few pictures that are most like the style you love, and even include pictures of yourself in a past style that you might have felt really great in. Go ahead and show your stylist any pictures of past styles you might have absolutely hated, as well. It helps to know what the client doesn’t want.

Ask for extra consultation time. If you are planning on completely revamping your entire look, it is incredibly beneficial to ask for extra consultation time when you call to make your appointment. This will ensure that you and your stylist have plenty of time to discuss and plan your new look, which will ultimately lead to the best results possible.

Be honest. We’ve all made hair mistakes, and no one is there to judge you. Your stylist wants the best for your hair, and it is so important that you honestly answer all her questions about past color or treatments. This will help to ensure that no unexpected problems arise during your service.

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