Financial Gifts for Your Valentine

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MINT HILL, NC – Valentine’s Day is almost here. This year, besides the flowers or chocolate hearts, why not consider making some financial gifts to your loved ones?

For starters, you could write a check for loved ones to put toward their IRAs. As long as they have earned income, they’re eligible to contribute. Keep in mind, though, that recipients can use your gift for any purpose.

You could also give stocks. Many people enjoy owning shares of companies that make the products they use.

If your valentine is also your spouse, you can help provide financial security by protecting his or her ability to keep paying the bills if something were to happen to you. A financial professional can help you find the right protection package, which may also include a defense against the potentially enormous costs of long-term care.

And you can make Valentine’s gift to all your family members by ensuring your estate plans are up to date.

Financial gifts can help you make a lasting impact on your loved ones’ lives. So, be generous and thoughtful as you plan your Valentine’s Day gift-giving.

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This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor

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