Estate Plans Can Help You Answer Questions About the Future

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You may have many questions about what will happen to your family when you’re gone. These questions can be worrisome – but you can answer them with a comprehensive estate plan.

Your first question may be something like this: What will happen to my children if I’m not around? Within your estate plan, you may want to name a guardian to care for your children and a conservator to manage any assets they might inherit.

Here’s another question: Will there be a fight over my assets? It’s possible, if they go through the very public process of probate. You could avoid this problem by establishing a living trust.

One last question: Can I afford to leave money to my children and to the charities I support? The answer is yes – if you establish the appropriate arrangement, such as a charitable remainder trust.

Estate planning can be complex, so you will need to consult your estate-planning attorney or qualified tax advisor about your situation. But once you’ve got your plans in place, you should be able to face the future with greater clarity and confidence.

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