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Stallions LB Boyette scoring 2 points on a jumper. (Paul Imirie)
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LB Boyette, Queen’s Grant Stallions reaches 1000 point club!   

The senior reached a major milestone in his high school career as a Stallion and joins teammate Jeremiah Murphy as the only two players who started together on the same varsity team three years ago to accomplish this feat in Stallions basketball history.

Boyette was doubled team most of the evening by their opponent on Friday night. However, he was able to score his 1000th career point on a free throw in the fourth period to the delight of the crowd on hand including family members. He dished the ball off to open teammates to pick up 5 assists and could have easily accumulated 9-10 if some of the shots had fallen.

During this season Lauren has averaged 18 points per game, he has contributed 3.5 assists, 4 rebounds per game for the Stallions. He has been a varsity player for the past three years scoring 208 points as a sophomore, 360 points as a junior, and in his senior year to date in 24 games played 432 points with plenty of basketball remaining.

The senior has four colleges who are showing real interest in his athletic ability to help assist their basketball programs. The schools include Belmont Abbey College, Dean University, Luther College and Fayetteville Technical Community College.

Boyette has matured during this senior season, he has become a team player, has led by example for the younger players on the team as a role model. He works hard and has a good presence on the court.

The Sports Editor and sportswriters at the Mint Hill Times want to congratulate him for his accomplishment and joining the 1000 Point Club topping off a very solid high school basketball career.

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