Facebook is getting more personal and private

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Facebook’s annual developer conference, known as F8, took place April 30 and the social media leader made several big announcements.

They announced and rolled out a brand new, built from scratch Facebook app. That might not sound like a big deal but it is, if you’ve been noticing Facebook glitches and weird happenings, that’s why.

If you’ve noticed a sleeker, more streamlined app, you’ve been updated to the new version.

Other changes announced is a focus on Facebook groups and prioritizing privacy.

This announcement comes amid a lot of criticism about the platforms track record on protecting users privacy.

Groups are the fastest growing feature on Facebook and contain most of the engagement and conversations taking place.

Also, a dating feature like Tinder will be coming to the platform too, called Facebook Dating.

Facebook continues to be the largest social media platform with the most users and active daily users on the internet.

Anyone looking to use social media and Facebook to get the word out about their organization should be paying attention to big announcements coming from them and tweak their social strategy accordingly.

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