Child and Human Trafficking

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WAXHAW, NC – How to protect yourself from being a victim.

1. Be Vigilant Of Surroundings

Don’t get distracted by electronic devices.  Keep your eyes up!  Take notice of people and vehicles around you.  Take mental notes as cars pass.  The same vehicle should not pass you multiple times.

2. Avoid Walking Alone

The buddy system is ALWAYS a good idea no matter how old you are!

3. Don’t Trust Easily

Do NOT allow anyone to approach you.  Oftentimes females are traffickers.  The general public tends to be more trusting and willing to help the “damsel in distress.”

4. Use Social Media Wisely

Do not accept friend requests from strangers.  Traffickers are smart and they know very well how to use emotions and information posted on social media.  They can use the ups and downs in everyday life to lure you in.

5. Be Ready For Anything

Can you protect yourself?  Take personal self-defense classes, carry pepper spray, exercise your 2nd amendment right!!

6. Trust Your Instincts

Always, ALWAYS trust your gut!!  If you have an uneasy feeling, run!

7. Meet Strangers In Public Places and NEVER alone.

Always meet a stranger in well lit, heavily populated areas.  Most police departments have marked spaces for this purpose.

8. Seek Help From Reliable Organizations

Many traffickers prey on young people that have run away from home.  Before considering this option, seek help from a trusted adult.  Contact one of many hotlines found easily in a quick Google search.

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