Help minimize your pets fear for the vet Part 2

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Take the pet carrier out several days before the visit or work it into your home décor. Make it fun with toys (and catnip for cats) or place a nice welcoming bed inside so your pet will become comfortable going in and out of it at home. When transporting the carrier, support it from the bottom instead of holding it by the handle. This minimized movement will help make your pet feel secure.

Prepare your car to promote a calming environment. Play classical music during the ride, spray calming pheromones 15 minutes prior to leaving and make sure the car is a comfortable temperature before getting in. Carriers should be secured and stable, sitting on the floorboard in the back seat or by using a seatbelt, loose pets should be secured by a seatbelt harness.

Visit the veterinary hospital for happy visits. Taking your pet to the vet for an enjoyable visit is a sure way to ensure a positive experience. Your pet will enjoy the extra love and treats they receive when you stop in to just say hi.

Lastly, if you are stressed, your pet will sense it and feel stressed too. Prepare to leave for your visit early so you do not feel rushed, spray some lavender for yourself and enjoy the music during the ride. Speak to your pet in a calm, happy and relaxed voice.

Talk to your veterinarian about additional options to help your pets with extreme stress and anxiety.

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Jamie Gawron
I was born in Buffalo, NY and attended Veterinary Technology school at Medaille College. After graduating with my AAS in Veterinary Technology, I moved to Charlotte, NC to continue school to become a veterinarian. After working in the field for a year, I realized that my passion was not to be a veterinarian so I maintained my position as a registered veterinary technician. I have worked 20 years in the field and the last 5 as a hospital/practice manager.
I have 2 little girls, ages 7 and 9 who occupy most of my time. We share our home with 2 dogs, a pit bull and a chihuahua mix and a crazy cat.