Subway Tile: Here To Stay? 

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CHARLOTTE – I’m constantly asked whether subway tiles will still be in style in the years to come. This is an understandable concern, as tile work is the most expensive, and difficult part of a bathroom to replace, so it makes sense to choose a material that will be attractive for decades. 

Subway tile was first introduced in 1904, and has been popular choice in bathrooms for over 100 years. While subway tile is traditionally 3”x6” and glossy white, there are now a myriad of color options, textures, and sizes available. A popular choice is to use a dark-colored grout to add some visual interest without overpowering the space. Subway tiles can be installed in many different patterns, from the timeless brick pattern to a more modern stack or herringbone pattern. 

Subway tile can serve as the foundation for many styles, from farmhouse all the way to ultra-modern. If you’re planning on selling your home in the future and you want to maximize the value of your home, a bathroom renovation using subway tile is a great choice as it has a broad appeal to nearly any buyer. Subway tiles are the blue jeans of the home design world. Good looking, timeless, versatile, easy to maintain, and comfortable. It’s hard to imagine either of these going out of style any time soon. 

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