How to Find the Perfect Contractor

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Charlotte, NC – Welcome to Contractor Corner. Each Issue we’ll be spilling the beans about the all-too-often intimidating and secretive world of home renovations.

How do I determine if a contractor is the right one for my project?

Truth is, not all contractors are created equal. Make sure the contractor you’re speaking with has done projects similar to yours before. You don’t want your project to be the first time they’ve built a walk-in shower or relocated a tub. Ask for photos of similar projects they have completed. Good contractors are proud of their work and their phones are full of photos of projects they are excited to show off. 

The second step is asking to see the contractor’s License. In North Carolina, even the lowest level of licensing allows projects up to $500,000, so for general home renovations, the “level” of a license isn’t of major concern. If a contractor makes excuses as to why they can’t show you their General Contractor’s license, this should be an immediate red flag. Contractors with the proper licenses and documentation are proud of the time and effort they invested in achieving and maintaining their licensing and should be eager to share this information with you. 

Curious if the contractor you’ve been talking to has the proper license? You can easily look them up to verify their license by visiting

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