How Much Should My Bathroom Renovation Cost?

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Charlotte, NC – The cost of a bathroom renovation depends on the types of materials and finishes you choose, as well as the overall size of your bathroom. The more higher-end materials you purchase, and the larger your bathroom, means more bucks coming out of your bank account and into your new Throne. 

Many homeowners looking for a “custom” bathroom are shocked…to hear how affordable it can be.

That’s right. The word “custom” may sound expensive, but in fact, a custom bathroom with tile floors and a custom tile shower costs less than you would expect.

Most contractors that help you select materials and order them for you charge a hefty markup for this service. If you use a contractor that allows you to provide your own materials you can save $5,000 or more by searching online for the best value, and you also get to make sure the materials are exactly what you wanted – not just what the contractor has extra of that they’re trying to get rid of.  

According to Remodelmate CEO, Chad Hall, here’s the approximate price you should expect to pay for a bathroom: 

A Refresh – Replacing the vanity, floor tile, light fixture, toilet, shower fixtures, and paint, but leaving the tub and wall tile in place. $5,000

A Renovation  – All of the above, plus a custom tile walk-in shower. $12,000

A Remodel – Everything above plus changing the layout, or building a new bathroom from scratch. $15,000+

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