Fall 2020 Bathroom Style Trends

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CHARLOTTE – Bathroom style trends continue to change as new ideas come into style and old ones fade. That can be a plus because bathrooms are one of the most frequently used spaces within the home — and that means they often show wear and tear faster than other spaces.

Here are four of the most in-demand styles for bathrooms:

1. Boldly Patterned Wallpaper

These days, bold statements are on-trend. One of the best ways to make that statement is through the wallpaper. Choose something featuring eye-catching patterns or bright colors, and use it to create an accent wall.

2. Shapely Tile

If you’re thinking of dressing up walls with tile or creating a new backsplash, choose a tile with an interesting shape. Curved tiles are popular as are hexagonal and other geometric patterns. A mosaic is a great way to make a big statement.

3. Matte and Brushed Finishes

Traditionally, hardware has been commonly finished with high-shine, gloss finishes. These days, matte and brushed finishes are returning into fashion because they have a muted yet chic look. Consider matte black, brass, bronze, nickel, or another shade to your liking.

4. Pops of Bold Color

Bold color draws the eye — and that’s why it is becoming a big trend in bathrooms. This includes bright blues, greens, and more. There are lots of ways to incorporate these splashes of color. Accent walls are one option. Boldly colored tiles are another.  This week’s Contractor Corner column is contributed by Erica Garland of ModernBathroom.com.

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