Interviewing – A Few Do’s and Don’ts

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For many of us, we haven’t interviewed in quite some time. As the years have passed, the process has changed. Although you may still come across some of the “standard” questions that I personally think are asked just because they’ve always been asked, the shift has moved to “situational based” questions. These are not too challenging to answer……WHEN you are prepared.

The questions ask about a positive or challenging experience, and how you handled the situation. Since we don’t typically go around thinking in this manner, they can catch interviewees off guard. The good news, you can practice, and having a few examples in mind can typically apply in most interviews. “Tell me about a time you worked with a difficult customer/client.” ”Tell me about one of your career accomplishments.” Some people get so nervous that they don’t have amazing stories to share, nothing that will impress or dazzle the interviewer. That’s truly not what they’re seeking.

What you state when you answer can be very insightful pertaining to your transferable and leadership traits. How did you problem solve? What resources did you use? How did you professionally manage the situation? They’re also listening for what (hopefully) you’re not saying—blaming your boss, stating you just completed the project since you’re the only reliable person on your team, etc.

So, structure your answer by stating the situation, the action you took and then the resolution.

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