Brush Up on Your Skills

brushing up on your skills
brushing up on your skills

I’ve been out of the workforce for a few years, but want to re-enter. Do you have any suggestions to brush up on my skills?

Yes, certainly this varies greatly depending upon your industry and position. However, there are some wonderful resources locally and online. Bonus: list the course title and date on your resume and LinkedIn profile to show current skills and add the key terms. The resources below also offer fun course options too, great for networking and personal development. After all, life happens outside of your comfort zone, right?

Check out Central Piedmont Online Learning (and certainly they have courses throughout their campuses locally)

Here are some other effective, but low cost, options that offer thousands of options, everything from coding, legal, art to public speaking and book writing. – 300+ online options. – online access to courses from universities including Stanford and Duke! – 42,000+ courses. – local skill offerings, ranging from public speaking to breadmaking!