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As a certified life coach, I get a share of clients who come to me with anger in their hearts. Some justified, some not, but what does that really matter? If you were wronged, holding onto the anger is harming YOU. The emotion of anger has its place, but it is not to harbor in your heart.

The current political state of our country has taken this to an entirely new level. I read posts stating based on who you voted for, we are not friends. I hear comments that anyone who voted for X is an idiot. Such anger.

Anger usually bubbles down to fear, and I understand that. I believe it’s not so much what we experience, but how we respond to the event that matters. That shapes our character, and isn’t that what matters? Perhaps you were furious over a recent breakup. Create space for that emotion. It’s needed to heal. Give it its time, but not a second more.

What positive step can you take? There IS something you can do. If you have all that anger within you, physiologically it’s harming you. Beyond that, it’s taking up space where love, peace, acceptance, and joy desperately want a place.

Forgive for YOUR sake!

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