CBD Chocolates

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With Valentine’s day right around the corner many of us have chocolate on the mind. Try something new for your loved ones this year and surprise them with homemade CBD chocolates. Let’s get love and chocolate cooking…


  • A good cooking grader CBD oil.

(I’d recommend a resin or a CBD in a MCT (fractionated coconut oil) or Grape Seed oil as olive oil could throw off the flavor of your chocolates)

  • 1 10oz bag of dark chocolate chips, or any chips you like, milk chocolate is fine too
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • Mold whether a 9×9 oven safe dish or ice cub trays or chocolate molds all are fine
  • Measuring cup with a spout for pouring
  • BONUS: candies to add depth


  1. In a measuring bowl, melt your coconut oil and chocolate chips until melted through. I like to do it on the stovetop while continuously stirring. You can also do this step in the microwave in 15-second increments stirring in between. Be careful not to burn the chocolate or it will seize up and become clumpy.
  2. Let the chocolate cool for about 10 minutes
  3. Once cooled, add in the CBD oil. You can choose how much you want to add. Read the label to determine the CBD dose. Place the chocolate in a spouted cup.
  4. Pour the chocolate mixture into your candy molds. Only fill the molds 3/4 full.
  5. BONUS STEP: Sprinkle the chopped candy on top of the chocolate.
  6. Place the molds in the refrigerator for 2 hours then they are ready to enjoy! It’s best to keep the chocolates refrigerated because they will get really mushy or melt if left out too long.

Serve chilled and enjoy!

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Heather Wiskes
Heather Wiskes is the CEO of Get Me Some Green Apothecary, HQ in Matthews, NC. It's a local hempapheutical CBD company servicing the entire east coast with hemp-derived products and education. She works with healthcare providers to educate them and work together to offer their patients alternative methods for treating disease and discomfort. When requested we provide direct client coaching to help navigate a personas individual needs. We offer education in the form of Continuing Education for the healthcare community as well as seminars for both HP's and the community on CBD (Cannabidiol) what it is and what it is being used for. Get Me Some Green Apothecary Medi+CBD is on a mission to demystify the most powerful plant in the world paving the way for how CBD is being used with healthcare and within the community through a knowledge-based approach.