Holiday Travel: 3 Beauty Tips

Holiday Hair
Holiday Hair

Whether you’re bracing for long airport security lines or an endless sea of brake lights in freeway traffic, holiday travel is generally anything but beautiful or relaxing. But of course, we all want to look gorgeous and well-rested when we arrive at our destination, so here are a few tips and tricks for flawless travel.

1. Stay hydrated! This might seem pretty basic, but this is the best thing you can do for your mood and your body when you’re traveling. I know that airplane bathrooms are the literal worst, and no one wants to make twenty stops during a drive, but it is so important to drink water while you’re traveling. Avoid alcohol and coffee on those long-haul flights, because those drinks will actually cause more dehydration. And opting for the extra water will be great for keeping your skin looking radiant and keeping your energy levels up through the jet-lag.

2. Keep your routine. It might be easier to just pick up some cheap products in the drugstore travel section, but resist the temptation. Instead, invest in a set of reusable travel-sized bottles that you can fill with your own products. Besides being better for the environment and saving you money in the long run, you have the benefit of using the hair and skin care products that you already use in your daily routine—which will help you avoid any adverse reactions or frustration. There are tons of kits available that are TSA-approved, and you can find some with bottles for hair sprays or even little pots that are great for skin creams.

3. Get a blowout before you leave. Schedule a blowout at the salon the day before you head out on your trip. This is a really great little luxury that will give you some time to relax before the stress of traveling, and will also allow you the blessing of not having to worry about your hair for a couple of days. Extra tip: bring some dry shampoo along to maximize the benefits of a salon blowout.

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