Be Cautious with Renovations without Permits

Home renovation.
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Most home remodeling jobs will require some type of permit.  These permits may cost hundreds of dollars, which leads some homeowners to skip buying the permits when remodeling.

Moving forward with a kitchen or bath remodeling job without a permit is a bad idea.  Even if you think you won’t get caught, it can certainly come up when you try to sell your home.

For home buyers searching for homes for sale in Mint Hill, NC, it’s important to be very careful with renovations done without permits.  Look at the disclosure statement very carefully and consider taking things a step further.

As a seller, when you’re dealing with Mint Hill real estate, you don’t want to lie on the disclosure form.  This can have major consequences as lying on the disclosure could make you liable for the work carried out without permits.  Here’s a look at a few of the issues you may face when renovations are done without permits.

Paying a Penalty

When work is done without a permit and you get caught, it can lead to a penalty.  If the penalty isn’t paid, you may have to undo the renovations.  Imagine if a newly renovated kitchen is what convinced someone to buy your home, but you find out you have to pay a steep penalty or undo the renovations.

Denied Insurance Claim

If you allow renovations to be done without a permit, you could have an insurance claim denied.  A lack of permits may lead to this disaster if an incident happens in the area of the home where renovations were done.  This often happens when the incident includes gas, water, or electricity and may cost you thousands of dollars.

Make it Hard to Sell Your Home

Many home buyers don’t want to deal with any more hassle than they have too.  When you renovate without permits, you could end up struggling to sell your home.  Real estate agents will likely caution home buyers if your property has had remodeling done without permits.

It’s best to follow the laws and codes of your area.  f you need a permit to remodel the bathroom, pay the fee and get a permit.  Without the right permits for renovations, you could be setting yourself up for a major expense in the future.

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