Back to School Car Care for Your College Student, Part III

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The last thing I want to recommend before I wrap up this trio of articles on student car care is simply understanding how their car acts when normal. After you know your student’s car is at 100%, go for a drive with them. Turn the radio off, quiet any noisemakers like the A/C, and just listen. Feel the car. Understand what normal is, so this way when it isn’t acting normal, it’s easy to spot.

This may sound silly, but understanding your car can save you thousands. We’ve done plenty of engine replacements over the years because someone waited too long to address their car, and it snowballed out of the realm of the reparable and into the realm of replacement. Check engine lights catch a lot, but they aren’t perfect. Knowing how your car acts, how it feels, how your car just is at any given moment doesn’t have to be rocket science, but many people feel that it is and simply remain oblivious. Please, don’t be that person. Do your wallet a favor and teach your college student a valuable lesson in the process. Learn their car. It only takes a few minutes and a quiet test drive.

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