Are you on Instagram yet?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform.

It was often something many people frowned at because they didn’t quite get it, is it really just pictures?

However, the platform doesn’t confuse people as much anymore.

Instagram is all about the visuals: pictures, videos or gifs. Its stories feature is the fastest growing type of content on social media.

In other words, if you haven’t figured Instagram out yet, you probably should.


Because that is THE place to find the millennial audience and even if your target customer isn’t a millennial yet, that’s bound to change in the coming years.

Beyond the millennials though, the younger generation is mostly on Instagram (though they do prefer Snapchat) and Generation X is growing quickly there too (though they still prefer YouTube.)

How do you even go about posting on Instagram?

For starters, you must have a smartphone. You can only post live through their mobile app. It’s one of the few platforms that allows you to do significantly less on the desktop version.

The good news is, all you have to do really is post pictures and talk about them. Or post a picture reflecting a mood or feeling. It’s a very versatile platform.

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