Alternatives of Alternatives – The Choices besides Electric

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Considering buying an eco-friendly car next trip, but aren’t quite sold on electric? There’s never been a better time for alternatives. Take a peek at a few of the ways you can power a car that you may not know about:

Some vehicles can run ethanol. Vehicles that advertise themselves as being flex-fuel usually mean they can run E85 gasoline – corn gas. E85 is fuel that is 85% ethanol and there are a few road legal options that have this today.

True ethanol as fuel isn’t quite legal for automobiles yet. E100, the closest thing to pure ethanol that can be physically made, is very drinkable and similar to moonshine. To prevent people from going to the pump to get their Friday night party on for only $3 a gallon (and serious alcohol poisoning,) all ethanol sold as fuel has at least a little undrinkable gasoline mixed in.

Hydrogen is another option companies like Toyota and Hyundai have experimented with. While most hydrogen is currently made with natural gas, if it’s made from things like manure, hydrogen can be a renewable fuel that’s not as bad for the environment. The only exhaust hydrogen vehicles produce is water.

For you heavy duty fans, there’s an option for you too. Compressed Natural Gas, while still a fossil fuel, produces the least amount of CO2 and is considered a “clean” fuel for this reason. Many garbage trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles across the globe have been modified to run these kinds of fuels.

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