Adoptable Pet Of The Week – Zeke

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WAXHAW, NC – “South Charlotte Dog Rescue would like to introduce you to Zeke, a truly extraordinary and captivating canine with an appearance that’s as unique as his loving personality. At just 4 months old, Zeke is a stunning tri-color Labrador/Terrier mix who is patiently awaiting his forever home. With his striking features and sweet demeanor, he is sure to steal the hearts of everyone he meets.

One glance at Zeke and you’ll be enchanted by his one-of-a-kind markings. His coat is adorned with a mesmerizing blend of rich cream color, warm caramel, and sleek black trim, creating a captivating mosaic of colors that will turn heads wherever he goes. His unique appearance is a true testament to his individuality and makes him an irresistible addition to any family.

Beyond his exceptional looks, Zeke possesses an incredible temperament that complements his striking appearance. He thrives on love and attention, making him the perfect companion for a family looking for a devoted and loyal furry friend. Whether he’s snuggled up for a movie night or frolicking in the backyard, Zeke’s joyous spirit shines through, and his happiness is contagious.

Zeke’s ideal home would be one that provides him with a secure fenced yard, where he can explore and play to his heart’s content. He craves the companionship of a loving family who will shower him with affection and include him in their daily activities. Zeke’s medium size, projected to be between 50-70 lbs when fully grown, makes him the perfect balance between a sturdy playmate and a cuddly lap dog.This charming pup is not only great with other dogs and cats but also adores the company of children. His gentle nature and patience make him an excellent choice for families who are eager to share their love and playtime with a furry best friend.

If you’re ready to add a touch of magic to your life, don’t miss the opportunity to bring Zeke into your home. Submit your adoption or foster application today at and embark on a journey filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable adventures.

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